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What Should We Pay Attention To When Buy The Cake Mould? How Do You Take Care of It? Many People Feel Lost To Maintain A Cake Baking Mould. We Need To Use The Cake Mold In The Right Way To Extend The Life of The Tool.
Some Tips For Cake Mould Maintenance 

  • What Should We Pay Attention To When Buy The Cake Mould? How Do You Take Care of It? 
  • Many People Feel Lost To Maintain A Cake Baking Mould. We Need To Use The Cake Mold In The Right Way To Extend The Life of The Tool.

Non-Stick Cake Mould Maintenance Method
  • In recent years, non-stick cake molds are becoming more and more popular in the market because of their simple operation, easy demoulding, convenient cleaning and good thermal conductivity.

  • Before using the new non-stick mold, just use air gun or soft cotton cloth to clean the dust on the mold, you can spray oil, grouting, baking, without cumbersome steps.


  1. Before usingnon-stick mold must not be empty or brush oil into the oven empty bake. Otherwise, it will destroy the non-stick coating and lose its non-stick properties.
  2. Avoid collision friction caused by careless operation, otherwise easy to wear or scratch non-stick coating. When baking, place the mold flat to avoid uneven heat.
  3. After using the mold can not be washed, not to use clean balls, emery cloth, sharp tools and other metal utensils friction mold surface, also can not use alkaline detergent cleaning mold, so as not to destroy the non-stick performance;
  4. When the mold is not used for a long time, please use a clean cotton cloth to remove the oil and residue on the appliance. Keep utensils dry and handle lightly. To avoid dust falling from the mold, please choose the inverted storage.
  5. Our recommendation is to check the wear condition of the product surface regularly, find the cause of abnormal wear in time and adjust accordingly, so as to avoid more serious damage to the non-stick coating surface, thus prolonging the service life of the product.

Aluminum Alloy Cake Mould Maintenance Method
  • Aluminum alloy Cake Mold is one of the most popular baking tools, it can be one-piece molding, there are no seams, good thermal conductivity, strong and durable.
  • The Use of Aluminum Alloy Cake Baking Mould:
  1. Clean the dust off the plate with a cotton cloth before using the mold.
  2. Set the heat to 240 Degree on the top and 260 Degree on the bottom, and place the baking tray in the oven to preheat.
  3. When using a new baking tray for the first time, place it in the oven for about 20-25 minutes, then take it out to cool and put it back in the oven to continue heating (repeat 2-3 times, causing the tray to heat through commonly known as: Open) .
  4. After opening the mold while hot brush oil (soybean oil salad oil can be) blanking, into the oven. As long as the control of time and temperature, easy to make a golden color, soft taste of the cake.
  5. Our Advice:
     5.1 To avoid contact with acidic or alkaline foods.
     5.2 Do not use high temperature steam for cooking or cleaning.
     5.3 Avoid rubbing the surface of the moulds with metal utensils.
     5.4 Do not beat or cut damaged surfaces with knives.
     5.5 Do not soak them for a long time; So as not to affect the service life.

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